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cs-cart Based Website Speed Optimization Service

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Server Optimization -

Server Optimization is to increase the efficiency of data processing, application distribution and overall server performance with reference to Application Working on it.

Server optimization can help deliver this level of performance through the consolidation of resources and the reduction of excess expenditures. Hence saving the costs and using resources optimally.

What we do -

We have a team of certified experts working continously on server and applications working on it. We analyse the servers and its applications and perform necessary tasks to optimize the resources.

Results - We showcase the result of Tune-up using 3rd Party Vendor tool GTmetrix.

Report -

Task performed Report will be Provided along with Measures followed to keep system upright always.


Cs-cart is an Online eCommerce Framework based on it used for creating Marketplace Portal / single store eCommerce Portals. It is suitable and preferred for Marketplace Models with High level of flexibility .

Visit - to Know more.

CS-Cart is based on PHP/ MySQL and has a hook-based modular architecture which allows users to modify the cart's functionality without interfering with the existing source code and avoiding many common upgrade issues. Unlike Magento, CS-Cart uses Smarty template engine. Extensive use of AJAX technologies allows to minimize screen refreshes.

E-mail us at - or Call us at - +91- 8087191823

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